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חץ גלילה לאיזור הבא


Something incredible is happening by the park.
At the northern tip of Weizmann Street, between Yehuda HaMaccabi Street and Yarkon Park, right in the heart of Tel Aviv’s new northern neighborhood, something new is coming to life – something for all those who have been longing for the ideal green environment in a vibrant urban setting.
Discover WEIZMANN 80-88, a residential project like no other. Featuring exemplary architectural design, these two 8-story buildings offer a variety of apartments in different sizes, all with an exceptionally high construction standard and close to the park.


The Park on Your Doorstep
From WEIZMANN 80-88, it’s just an easy stroll to Yarkon Park. Covering some 350 hectares along the Yarkon River, this sprawling park offers not only vast lawns, groves, trees, and flowers, but also bike trails, sports facilities, a climbing wall, and many more attractions for the whole family. Here, you can start the day with a refreshing run, enjoy an enchanting picnic, and celebrate the weekend with an epic bike ride. In other words, it’s Israel’s most beautiful and popular park, right here on your doorstep.


When the Best is Close to Home
WEIZMANN 80-88 residents never have to trek to remote districts – everything really good, everything that really matters, is already right here outside your window, in the neighborhood where you feel most at home. These include everything from kindergartens, schools, youth movements, and endless cultural and leisure options – which make this neighborhood the ideal place for learning and personal development – to the serenity of life in and around the park, and many more diverse activities that are just a few steps away:
Enjoy a great show in the evening, settle down in the café for a chat with friends, indulge in delicious ice cream, pick up a few necessities at the supermarket, or socialize at the neighborhood bar. Whatever your preference, it’s nearby. Always close to home and always the best.


The Perfect City Location
Benefiting from a truly unique location, WEIZMANN 80-88 invites you to enjoy all the tranquility of a quiet, pastoral setting while still remaining in touch with the pulse of the city. Within minutes you can be anywhere in Tel Aviv, thanks to easy, quick access to all major thoroughfares.

  • Rapid exit onto Namir Road, Rokach Boulevard, and the Ayalon Highway
  • Convenient public transportation to anywhere in the city
  • City-wide network of cycling and scooter lanes


Lifestyle Designers
The project's architecture reflects its prestigious location, combining traditional Bauhaus elements with contemporary style to create a meticulous design based on clean, straight,elegant lines, blending functionality and maximum flexibility.

Architecture – BLK Architects (Barely Levitzky Kassif)
BLK Architects has long been considered one of Israel’s leading architectural firms, working on many prominent projects at home and abroad. Founding partners Uri Barely, Coby Levitzky, and Moti Kassif are three of the country’s most experienced and acclaimed architects, having worked together since 1979. The firm’s impressive portfolio reflects its specialist expertise in planning large-scale projects, including commercial complexes, office and residential towers, residential neighborhoods, mixed-use projects, logistics centers, hi-tech and industrial facilities, tourism and leisure centers, healthcare clinics, educational institutions, and various other public buildings.


Interior Design – Levin Packer Architects
The interior design of the lobbies bears the unmistakable signatures of Rona Levin and Ruth Packer, founders of Levin Packer Architects. The firm undertakes a wide range of architectural and interior design projects, including public and residential buildings, hotels, offices, private homes, luxury apartments, and lobbies. Select projects include the WeWork offices on Dubnov Street, Tel Aviv, the Daniel Rowing Center on the banks of the Yarkon River, and Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem.

Alex the Photographer – Behind the Pictures
"I knew I wanted to document the peaceful moments, the character of this tranquil street freed from the urban tumult. From there, I went to capture the golden hour in nearby Yarkon Park – sunrise and sunset are known as the most beautiful times of day for photography, as the sun is low in the sky and there is plenty of freedom to play with the light and shadow. The park is wonderfully rich in green, pastoral shades, and here I found excellent photographic opportunities, with beautiful moments of serenity. I didn’t have to change a thing – the park’s trees and extensive lawns provided me with all the green tones I could ever want. The photos you see here before you represent the beauty of this neighborhood just as it is, magical, diverse, and truly special."



Acro Real Estate is a public company whose shares are traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange .We specialize in the construction and improvement of large-scale projects in high-demand areas. Our business has many years of experience initiating, developing, and completing a wide array of prestigious structures, including residences, offices, and commercial buildings, as well as hotels. The company is led by a professional, driven team who have brought the company success over the years. Acro Real Estate leads a variety of impressively sized, prominent property ventures that are changing the face of the city and establishing themselves as magnificent architectural landmarks.


Ken Hator bears the highest classifications and standard certifications in the Israeli construction industry, operating in accordance with ISO 9001. The company is also a registered Ministry of Defense contractor and fully approved to work on government projects. Over the years, Ken Hator has amassed extensive multidisciplinary experience, always performing projects in stringent compliance with quality standards and schedules, while maintaining operational flexibility and quickly responding to changing situations. It has also built a reputation for functionality, financial stability, and adhering to defined budgets without ever compromising on quality. Ken Hator is immensely proud of its diverse project portfolio, which includes residential neighborhoods, private homes, educational institutions, and various projects for the Israel Electric Corporation, Port Authority, Ministry of Defense, and Israel Railways.

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